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The PFAFF® creative icon 2 sewing and embroidery machine's camera ensures you stitch every embroidery design with certainty. It allows you to scan a hooped project and upload that as a background to your screen in embroidery mode.
Using the camera is as easy as 1-2-3:
1. Scans fabric placed in the embroidery hoop
2. Loads fabric image on screen in embroidery mode
3. Use loaded background to preview design on fabric and assist with design placement


creative icon 2 Sewing Embroidery Launch Kit

includes  8" Tailor Scissors, Appliqué Scissors, Tweezers, Thread Snips, Tape Measure, Assorted Color Thread, and 2 Assorted Sewing Machine Needle sets.

Luxe Collection High-end Luggage Set 

includes Machine trolley case, embroidery unit case, and accessory case.

Limited-edition offer and finishes are limited in quantities and are only available while supplies last. Purple Aurora is the official color and is now also available for pre-order. All preordered machines are scheduled to arrive during July 2021

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